More Cruel Summer news: You can now download the track from Bandcamp, gratis.

… and here is the video for Cruel Summer too. ~Feel free to share ad nauseam.

Brand new song while we’re working on a new EP. Enjoy!

So here we are, the final video from the “Automatic Dreaming” EP, entitled “Amaranthine”.

Brand new video for “Disintegrating”, a track off the “Automatic Dreaming” EP, featuring some of our own body parts.

Ok, so it’s a day late but here is the new EP, ladies & gents.

(Source: Bandcamp)

…. and here’s the video for “Junkie Stare” too.

Another new track “Junkie Stare” from the imminent EP “Automatic Dreaming”.

Hot-off-the-press video for previous single “Poster Boy”

Brand new video for the title track from the upcoming “Automatic Dreaming” EP

Video for new single “All My Friends Are Aliens”

Video for the second single from the “Wasteland” EP, “Someone I Loved”

…an evening well spent.

…an evening well spent.